Painter, Video Artist, VJ, Teacher

Lives and works in Kolárovo and Šamorín, Slovakia. Painter, teacher, video artist, VJ.

1st prize of FreshArt8 competition – Debrecen, Hungary 2017

3rd prize in Live video-mapping contest at Live performers meeting – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2017

Finalist at Art Vision VJing – Moscow, Russia 2016

3rd prize in VJing at Signal festival – Prague, Czech republic 2016
3rd prize in Live video-mapping contest at Live performers meeting – Rome, Italy 2022

“At first glance, my paintings are abstract compositions referring marginally to a landscape, perhaps a space landscape, or a landscape behind a window where raindrops have precipitated and do not allow us to follow it well. In the form of cuts, they leave the format and through their raster we try to look for something behind the painting. Their formal way of painting disturbs the viewer by blurring, drinking or draining the paint and prevents him from easily grasping the subject. I am looking for a digital image of the landscape in the painting, a landscape free from man, perhaps even an artificial world. By looking for a pre-image of the painting in digital space, I depersonalize myself from the image itself, which further confirms the avoidance of the brush. Pouring paint or spreading with cardboard gives a lot of space to chance. Sometimes, after the painting is over, there are suddenly real elements, faces or figures hidden in the abstract structure in the painting. The painting itself serves to cleanse the mind of the deposits of everyday hustle and bustle. Alone in the studio, mostly at night, I may find myself in a kind of meditative position, in which I sometimes create quiet monochrome areas of undiscovered worlds, sometimes a strange tangle of unknown spaces. In my animations, I mostly operate with non-figurative, abstract elements. I like big contrasts and significant fluctuations. It’s not just about textures in every case. Sequences may contain some kind of narrative representation in parts, in fragments. I also like mistakes and nonsense or open interpretations in painting. In my animations I explore abstract landscapes, roots, microworlds accompanied by mysterious sounds. I like to experiment with analog video techniques but also with digital technology. I am fascinated by current software, from which I draw inspiration, ideas for the painting part of my work.” Gábor Szűcs