The Ministry

Vienna is our base, the World is our home

We are a cultural non-profit association consisting of two parts: a venue in Vienna for exhibitions, concerts, performances and workshops and a virtual international network of artists and enablers. We opened our cultural centre in Vienna’s 20th district in November 2022.

The Ministry of Artists was initiated in December 2020 by the artists Doris Dittrich and Le Monsieur Flash.


In a time of evergrowing global challenges, solidarity and connectedness are one path to sustainability. By building a network of creators, enablers and the public. The Ministry creates an inclusive, diverse community spanning cultures, countries and continents.


The Ministry offers a breeding ground for open discourse, interdisciplinary and participatory projects, connecting artists of all genres. If you're an artist, you can meet inspiring partners for collaborations or exchange from various artistic genres and countries, if you're an art lover, you can discover a pool of artists to follow or collect.


Sharing and exchanging knowledge is one of our most important goals. Once our cultural centre is open, we will offer a wide range of courses and workshops in as many disciplines as possible. We are planning technical courses as well as workshops to impart tactical knowledge.

BEGINNER'S COURSE TO MASTER'S CLASS, for teenagers and adults.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise and know-how, we are happy to receive your proposals for courses and workshops from now on.


A weakness we see in the cultural landscape of today is a lack of willingness to pay fair wages for cultural work. The Ministry strives to contribute to the acceptance that art of all disciplines is mostly hard work and that expertise is valuable and has its price.


... and art is nothing without its audience.

Whether you are an aficionado or just curious, we invite you to join our ambitious project by contributing your creativity, time, knowledge, money, or simply by lending us your interest. Our impact is directly linked to the motivation of our members - artists and audience alike.
We are at the beginning of our journey, and are open to your suggestions and ideas.