Visual artist, curator, originator of the Festival of Independent Art „Warsaw off ART”, a festival of independent art galleries. A social activist who always goes against the tide. He studied at the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
In 1996 he graduated with honours in the woodcut studio of Prof. Andrzej Bartczak (annex in photography under the supervision of Prof. Ireneusz Pierzgalski). He studied painting in the studio of Prof. Juliusz Narzyński. He obtained a scholarship from the Minister and Culture in 1995. Doctor of Arts at the University of Arts in Poznań under the supervision of Prof. Dominik Lejman.

His controversial doctoral dissertation entitled „The Power of an Exhausted Gesture” aroused intense emotions. The replacement of a painting gesture with neon light was the focal point. As the artist writes, „This is the emerging idea of ​​the beginning of a movement, which, like a flash of neurons, gives an impulse to an expressive gesture. A hand gesture that consciously or subconsciously initiates a movement with a painting brush. A beginning and an end, which gives internal expression a certain outcome”.

Ambroziak creates large-scale paintings, neon light gestures, installations, objects and sculptures. He deals with art in space. He created the installation „Urban Cave”, by painting an entire gallery in the shape of a palaeolithic cave. He also realised the happening „Paint over the painting for the artist”, that is painting his paintings together with the audience. The exhibition „Spitting Image” is one of the many exhibitions that arouses strong emotions among the public and art critics.

Currently, he works as visiting professor at the University of Arts in Ostrava – Czech Republic.