I am a sculptor, designer, and scenographer, and I create contemporary sculptures, installations, objects, videos, and drawings.

My artworks were presented, among others, in Monte-Carlo, London, Venice, Berlin, Paris, Cannes, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Wien, or Budapest.

I realized dozens of international individual and collective exhibitions, with artists: Marina Abramović, Tracey Emin, Magdalena Abakanowicz. Banksy, Peter Weibel, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Erwin Wurm, Franz Ackermann, and others.

All over the world, I have realized projects not only in the field of art, but also design, fashion, advertising, stage design, and the entertainment industry.

One of my sculptures – „Look at Me (New Capitoline Wolf)” – premiered in London, was shown in many countries. As a sculpture-fashion icon, she was presented, among others, during Paris Fashion Week.

My other sculpture – „Spirit of Ecstasy” („Rolls Royce” sculpture) – was created with the support of Grażyna Kulczyk and the Art Stations Foundation.

My works are in private collections in Monaco, USA, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and many others.

I graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine (current name: University of the Arts Poznan), in Poznan, Poland.