Doris Kapner is a figurative artist working primarily in ceramics and painting.

Her work is based on her experience as a woman within the limitations and expectations of society. Her primary themes are the objectification of women and the idea of women’s domesticity. She employs traditional women’s crafts and imagery found in the home including sewing, crochet, and embroidery, as well as, decorative painting, traditional ceramics and textile patterns. Re-interpreting the familiar to tell a story whether as an object or an image.

Doris received a B.F.A. in Sculpture from Purchase College in 1994 and has worked in art galleries, as a TIG welder, police officer, homemaker, loss prevention manager, visual merchandiser, yoga teacher, and art instructor. This fluctuation between typical male and female roles drives her work.

„My pottery is intuitive, I follow the course of personal intuition in approaching different topics.” Doris began working in ceramics in 2015, creating undergarments, dresses, and handkerchiefs, often adding needlework and crochet. Her ceramic work led her back to painting, first on her ceramics with underglaze and then to gouache and mural work. In 2021 she was selected for the Brand the Moth META Mural Residency which introduced her to working on a larger scale. She is currently a studio artist at the McColl Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to that she received an Arts & Science Council Regional Artist Project Grant, an Honorable Mention in Create Magazine’s The Women’s Issue 2020, and was selected as an ASC (Community Supported Art) Artist.