Born in 1987, Andreas Tanzer graduated with distinction from the University of Artistic Design Linz in 2016. In 2015 he also studied at UWE (Bristol) – fine arts/drawing and applied arts. In 2019, an exhibition and catalogue entitled “Fractions in the Museum” was realised at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Tanzer has been living and working in Vienna ever since, mainly in oil painting.

Tanzer’s paintings and graphic works are thematically situated in the field of tension between the transient and the human attempt to preserve life. Death, its overcoming and the scarred by life are the driving forces that make the depth of his works visible. Above all, it is condensed impressions of violence, horror and suffering that show up in the artworks. For the painter, dealing with this heaviness means above all questioning the view of the “accepted beautiful”. Phenomenologically, the eye and fragmented perception are challenged in connection with memory – at the same time, Tanzer makes use of cultural-historical, religious rites and symbols. The cohesion of his works is based on the painterly language and its narratively sophisticated composition.