Born in Romania, she studied Business Administration in Bucharest and earned her BA in Economics in 1999, but her passion for art made her switch from her management and marketing career to a professional artist. She then studied Ceramics in Bucharest Academy of Arts, UNArte and earned a BA and Master degree in Decorative arts in 2018. She exhibited in national and international exhibitions, was part of Project Network in Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark 2019 and had three solo shows in Romania.

She is part of Galateea Group, a group of ceramic artists that run the program of the only contemporary ceramic gallery in Romania, Galateea Contemporary Art, being active as an exhibit designer and concept creator.

She is also passionate about design and owns a brand specialized in ceramic design, called Una ca Luna.

„My pottery is intuitive, I follow the course of personal intuition in approaching different topics, my works are reactions to social and personal experiences. I like to think that the idea prevails and drive the plastic realisation, ceramics is used as a medium to materialize my intuitions and observations. Art is meant to open new windows, to enlarge the universe of people interacting with it.“

In her artistic practice are included also collaborative works with other artists, on mixed media such as music and video, installations.