She studied at the Warsaw Art Academy, Department of Painting (1994-2000), obtaining a Master‘s degree with honors in the year 2000. She recently obtained a Ph.D. in the field of Fine Arts at the Łódź Art Academy. Zawisza won the first prize at the Painting Biennial in Moldova in 2017.
Oil painting is her most frequently used medium, but the artist also uses collage and other techniques on paper. Numerous solo shows and frequent involvement in group exhibitions are evidence of her activity as an artist and member of the artistic community.

“In my painting, there is a lot of spontaneity and adventure. Colliding stains of colours that are somewhat abstracted from the inspiration drawn from nature, I need something to hold on to. For this I use a reference to the motif in the form of a photo. I consider the photograph to be objective, because it is the way I help myself to remember, with my mobile phone. The freedom of penetrating new territories, the flowing paint to some extent shaping the image in a way, that allows things to take form by chance, is tamed by returning to the original motif of the painting – the landscape.“